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Fatigue: Functional Medicine Solutions

Fatigue: Functional Medicine Solutions

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Functional medicine looks at fatigue differently than traditional medicine does. How? Functional medicine focuses on the prevention and treatment of chronic disease by finding the cause of the imbalance or symptom the person is experiencing. Ever since I completed the training in functional medicine 10 years ago, this has been the sole focus of my medical practice.

It is holistic medicine, with a whole-person view, and yet also molecular medicine, with tools and testing to evaluate the biochemistry of cells, tissues and organs – and how they are all interconnected. Is there something in your body that isn’t functioning right to explain it? What else is going on in your life?

Because everything is interconnected, there is usually more than one thing out of balance to cause fatigue and any other symptoms. On the show, I focused on thyroid hormones, and will focus on the thyroid here as well. Below is the checklist I use when trying to figure out why your energy is low.

1. Is your diet making you tired?
2. Is your body low in key vitamins, minerals or amino acids?
3. Do you have low hormones (looking at thyroid, adrenal and sex hormones)?
4. Are you filled with toxins?
5. Do you have chronic infections?

Findng Balance: Hormones and Fatigue

Hormones together create an orchestra, with each hormone necessary for the harmony that is the human body. If one is out of balance, it throws everything else off. Therefore, I do a thorough evaluation that includes the whole orchestra of hormones. These include the thyroid, adrenal and sex hormones.

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